The moment one encounters any common tactics and strategies from a particular business entity, they may want to first try and find out additional info about the reality before deciding if they would want to deal with that further.

The Overview: ACRA

ACRA stands for Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, which is a regulator of the business registration, public accountants, corporate service providers, and financial reporting; this also goes on to facilitate enterprise. They give a trusted and energetic environment for the businesses to go on thriving and flourish and also contribute towards the very making of SGP the best business place.

It’s a range of info services available and accessible to assist you to get basic info and conduct the background check on the people/business entities involved with them altogether. 

(i) The Free directory hunt for the business entity

One may go on to use the ACRA’s online directory search for free to find the following info:

  • The business entity’s status 
  • The address of the business entity that is registered 

(ii) The Business Profile

One may buy the Business Profile on the ACRA’s iShop that will help one to find more info about the business entity. 

(iii) The People Profile

When one wishes to find additional information about individuals involved with the business entity, the individual’s profile lists all the entities of business that an individual is involved in, the roles in the entities, alongside the status of these entities. 

What They Do

The ACRA’s mission is to provide a vibrant and trusted business atmosphere in Singapore. Its role is to attain synergies between monitoring of the corporate compliance with the disclosure needs and regulation of the public accountants conducting statutory audits.

ACRA’s Mission, Vision, Corporate Goals, and the Values 


Give a vibrant and trusted business atmosphere in Singapore 


To make Singapore the finest business place. 

Corporate goals:

The 4 corporate goals are as follows:

  • High Compliance
  • Sustainable Business Reach
  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Higher Performing Team 

The Core values: 

ACRA’s core values- ‘ITAP’, guide people in all that one does:

  • The Integrity – They do what’s right without favor or fear, and serve with purpose and passion
  • The Teamwork – They help one another to be the finest that they can be, courtesy respect and mutual trust
  • The Agility – They are resilient and accommodate to changes quickly to do what’s best and right for ACRA
  • Professionalism – They pursue excellence and perfection in all that they do; they value their customers and is highly valued by them

ACRA’s Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of ACRA include the following functions:

  • To manage the Accounting and the Corporate Regulatory Authority Act, the Accountant Act, Business Names Registration Act, Companies Act, Limited Liability Partnership Act, and Limited Partnerships Act;
  • To make recommendations and report, and advise Govt on several matters
  • To organize and administer the repository of the documents and info relating to the public accountants, corporate service providers, and business entities,

That’s very much all about acra business search. Hopefully, this will be of some help.