Can You Tell If Your FB Account is Compromised

Despite your best efforts, someone who knows how to hack a Facebook account can still find a way in if you’re not totally careful. You could put up the strongest password you can think of, but it might even fail if you don’t take note of a few things in the creation of that password itself.

Also, you could also be exposed to security issues if you’re indiscriminate about the links that you click and where you enter your sensitive information. Not all websites on the Internet can be trusted, which is why you should be extra careful when you’re surfing through the Internet.

Can you tell when your account is compromised? Yes, you can, but more often than not, it’s already too late when you find out somebody has already crawled into your FB account.

The next question is: “How does one compromise their own Facebook accounts?” You’d think that, with something as personal as a Facebook account, people will take extra care to keep it safe from people who know how to hack a Facebook account.

Truth is, nobody’s perfect. You, even if you’re careful enough, can still be a potential victim of Facebook hacking. That is highly possible in the following scenarios:

how to hack a Facebook account

  • You receive lots of spam mail in your email address
    Some hackers indiscriminately send spam email into people’s email accounts, in the hope of luring somebody gullible into entering phishing copy of a legit website like Facebook and making the mistake of entering their personal details into the log-in interface.Some emails even take the form of exclusive offers that can only be unlocked if you log in to your Facebook account. They then redirect to what seems like the Facebook log in page but is actually a phishing site designed to steal people’s login details.
  • You don’t log out from devices you log in to
    You should always take care to log out of each and every device you use to log in to not only Facebook but also websites like Paypal, and the websites of your bank accounts. If you don’t, you leave open your accounts to access even by people who have zero knowledge of hacking.
  • You use passwords that are easy to guess
    You use your birthday as your password? You use a combination of your boyfriend’s name and your name as a password? If these details are visible on your profile, you may as well expect your Facebook account to be accessed real soon.

Protecting yourself against hacking is an ongoing battle. You can keep yourself protected by being careful, and being vigilant as well.