Prom wad is a flourishing electronic and engineering company on the IT market as well as that of electronics. It is the home of HTP and a partner of the worlds largest and leading electronics manufacturers. It is a certified company that continues to exhibit professionalism and expertise in the design and manufacturing of software, electrical and electronic devices.

For a decade, our team of professional developers and qualified engineers have continued to provide quality services to our customers in order. We offer commercial products to the worldwide electronic market following orders from our customers. That tells you that we are a global electronic engineering company providing quality services to our customers. Besides the viable turnkey projects that we have accomplished, we do PCB design. Some of the electronic designs that we have done include

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gateway

Network device; this device targets the consumer and internet of things mostly written as IoT. We designed a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gateway by connecting multiple handheld devices with a cloud server for the security of the firm- the parrot flower power

Fitness gadget

This gadget is one of our significant hardware development targeting customer and IoT. The project commissioned by TAO – a wellness company startup based in the USA. We did the following in their company, software upgrades, circuit design upgrades of all their mobile devices meant for workouts in skill positions. The changes were small, but they increased the effectiveness of the firm


Software development was targeting customers and IoT. The manufacturer of glucometers was our client for this software development by PROM WAD electronic engineering company. The development is a handheld device which is paired with mobile phones. Its primary function is to measure the concentration of glucose in the blood. The pairing of this device with mobile phones is done under Android or IOS control

Sensors for iPhone

Another important electronic design by our team that targets customers as well as IoT. The Lapka startup commissioned the development. For them we prepared a set of iPhone sensors to be used in mass production, we also designed enclosures and manufactured for them a pilot batch.

IPTV set-top box

This development whose target is a customer. It is a set-top box with a PVR and OTT. This set-top-box was a design meant for Smart Labs. We developed the software, hardware, did the mechanical design and then developed the enclosure.


Again, this was an order made by the Lapka startup. For this project, we did a complete mechanical design of Lapka’s breathalyzer, then provided the support in helping them choose an alcohol sensors manufacturer and gave them a proposal of a new technology of manufacturing ceramic enclosure and then put it into production. Our company aids in the selection of materials, prototyping as well as molds.

Besides the stated software and electronic developments, Prom wad electronic and engineering company offers quality services in circuit board design for customers product. With thirteen years in the practice of Pcb design and manufacturing.  We use various packages to deliver highest PCB design for you. For complex boards, we provide rapid PCB design facilities