A job is a work and most of the time your success is not about how much you know but who you know. You can hate that statement all you want but that is the fact. The connections can be everything. Sure you got the best experience in the world, you know the process at the back of your head, you’re loyal to the company and did everything that your boss told you and you even exceed beyond expectation, you even got an award as the best employee month after month.

But the question is why did other people got promoted or got the position that you are eying for, why not you? The answer is simple, and it all revolves around “exposure.” One thing that you should know is that at work it’s not just about doing a great job every time, its also about knowing people. As you know the most popular social media app today for professionals is LinkedIn. What you don’t know is that this social media site can actually help you succeed. How?

LinkedIn endorsements: Endorsements are skills and these will go a long way, you see these skills are like hashtags. If you got skill endorsements the better that you will be able to be seen in search results. Search results are seen by countless employers all looking for the right people.

LinkedIn Recommendations: Recommendations are the things that people see as something that will fit you and in LinkedIn, it can either be a job or a training. And this is very important since you get to be directed to another place that might be in line with other opportunities that you’re qualified in but you haven’t seen it as an opportunity.

LinkedIn Connections: Your connections are the people that don’t necessarily know you but can be any random professional that sees you as someone that will impact their career. In LinkedIn connections is everything because these connections are your connection to other people that you would like to meet in the future.

LinkedIn likes: Likes are like an acknowledgment that people read your posts, likes are like something that will put you in an influencer status. If you want to be a person that wants to have more follower posts and aims to get more likes, get more connections.

LinkedIn followers: Followers can go a long way. These followers will help you boost your visibility as an individual or as a company. Perfect for people whose aim is to be known by many people including bosses or a target company that he/she wants to work someday.

Today there is a social media for professionals called LinkedIn, it’s basically a place where professionals can boost their professional status by meeting other people. It also provides a ton of opportunities for training and job openings. If you are well rounded and hard a working employee and you need a boost on connections for your career, Why don’t you start with Linked jetpack, they will help you boost your presence thru LinkedIn using their unique service. Through them, buying LinkedIn endorsements, followers, likes, recommendations, and connections are possible.