Social media marketing is a fantastic tool to attract the audience for creating awareness of brands. But you have to be sure about your goals first before getting ahead with selling. Take some time to think about the product you want to advertise. Also, think about the target customers and how you will approach them. First, decide on the متابعين انستقرام platform and then make the specific goals. It will be the metrics and success depending on the channel that you have chosen.

Different platforms for selling through social media

  1. Facebook selling
  • Facebook advertising

It is an advertising platform to find the type of customer you are looking for. It decides the core audience based on location and age. The customers are the new people looking to reach out to the business.

  • Facebook Shops

Facebook has recently released the Facebook Shops, which is the mobile hand experience. The business can create an online store on Facebook and Instagram just for free. You can choose any products through Facebook Shops and then buy them. Further, the feature is very flexible, allowing you to consult with an engaging audience.

  1. Selling through Instagram

Instagram is also not far behind, with 1.2 billion users worldwide. There has been tremendous growth with no slowing pace. But before starting with Instagram business to get متابعين انستقرام, you need to have a Business Instagram profile. Instagram shopping creates an intensive storefront for showcasing the products to the customers. You can buy by seeing the organic posts of the products.

You will get an image description, the cost of the products, and a link that takes you directly to the website.

  1. Selling through Twitter

Twitter is also becoming a selling platform, just like Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, it helps in creating brand awareness as well.

  • Promoted tweets

You can either go with promoted tweets or create your tweets. If you choose with Twitter ads, the products you have promoted will keep coming at the Twitter stream. The ads are so holistic, allowing you to follow multiple tweet groups.

You can also set up a Twitter campaign to follow a single goal. Increase the website clicks and rate them as conversions.

Facebook or Twitter are not the only social media platforms that you can deal with. There is affiliate marketing as well. Take the time to decide which is the right platform for you and act accordingly. Don’t listen to others when you are making the decision. You can also Twitter to sell your products. Just be careful and read all the terms before making decisions.


Posting links and answering all customer’s queries is what you have to do while doing social media business. So, stay alert and try to go ahead.